Both divisions are SOLD OUT and waitlists are full for spring 2024. Fall registration will open in July.


Bring Your C Game

Founded in 2012, ECS Pub League is a non-profit league that plays fun and friendly coed recreational soccer with 7-8 players a side (including goalkeepers) in Seattle on a turf field about the half the size of a normal soccer pitch. There are unlimited substitutions in and out, with most shifts lasting 5 to 10 minutes.

Classic Division

The Classic division is perfect for people with little to no experience. It also has a number of more experienced players who want to play in a friendly environment that is a bit more relaxed, many of them getting back into the game after a little (or a lot) of time away from it. Classic plays early Sunday afternoons, right after Premier. To quote one of our favorite comments about the Pub League Classic Division:

If you…

  • haven’t played in years, come on out anyway
  • think you’re too out of shape, come on out anyway
  • think you’re not good enough, come on out anyway
  • have never played soccer at all, come on out anyway

Premier Division

The Premier division is a little higher level of competition, but it is still pretty laid-back compared to most leagues. If you’ve played in GSSL or RATS, this probably isn’t the league for you.

There is still an emphasis on development, team play, and fun, but it is also a healthy environment of friendly competition. Premier plays Sunday mornings, right before Classic.

Everybody Plays

“Tryouts” in both divisions are only to make sure we can build evenly balanced teams. Everyone gets equal playing time, regardless of ability or fitness, and every team makes the playoffs. Unlimited subs and short playing shifts makes it a great place to learn the game or get back into it a little (or a lot) later in life.

Both divisions play a ten week season every Spring (usually April through June) and Fall (roughly between Labor Day and Thanksgiving). Games are scheduled so as not to conflict with Sounders home matches or popular away trips.

New teams are formed in both divisions every season to keep it fun and competitive for everyone, and that also helps to build new friendships. Each season teams decide their theme and name, and design their own custom jerseys. There is an end-of-season party for everyone at a sponsor pub where we celebrate individual and team successes.

PLOP (Pub League Offseason Practices)

Most every Sunday in the summer and winter offseasons we hold open informal PLOP (Pub League Offseason Pratices). PLOP is a great way to check us out and it gives us a chance to find the right place for you to play. Join our PLOP Facebook group.

New players join the league every season
You don’t have to be a complete beginner to play in Classic, but you do have to be beginner-friendly.
In Premier, as in Classic, we form new teams every season, so players can be competitors one season, and teammates the next. And vice-versa.

Week 9 is Fun Week. Players wear costumes, there is a potluck BBQ, and new rules may be instituted at any time, including the ever-popular “multiball”.


Fun and friendly soccer for adults. We’re radically inclusive, but we’re not for everyone. ECS Pub League is made up of soccer fans of beginner/newcomer/low intermediate levels who get together to play in a fun, safe, and organized environment for the love of the game and a little friendly competition.


Originally founded as the ECS FC Academy, the ECSPL is an excellent way for our fellow supporters, their friends and family to play in an organized league and have fun in the process. All matches are played using modified FIFA outdoor rules (no going to the ground, no challenges from behind/blind spots, goal kicks are taken from the goal line, etc).


Safety first – Everyone has to go back to work on Mondays
Fun – If you’re not having fun, we’re doing something wrong
Learning – Learn and apply the basics of the game