Both divisions are SOLD OUT and waitlists are full for spring 2024. Fall registration will open in July.

ECS Pub League​

Radically Inclusive Beginner-Friendly Adult Soccer in Seattle

Seattle has a robust and talented soccer community. But that sometimes makes it hard for beginners and recreational players to find a place to play.

That’s why we’re here.

This is not the league where you run up the field wide open while more talented and competitive teammates pass to one another. We’ve been there.

This is the league where you score a goal and your opponents give you a high five, especially if it’s the first one you’ve ever scored.

This is the league where when teammates yell at you, it’s to say “nice pass!”, or “Sorry, my bad!

This is the league for people tired of hyper-competitiveness and physical play.

This is the league putting the Pub back in Pub League.

ECS Pub League is a radically inclusive, beginner-friendly coed recreational soccer league. If you just want to have fun with friends while learning— or getting back into— the beautiful game, you’ve come to the right place.​

Soccer for All

The Classic division is beginner-friendly and focuses on fun and skill development over competition. The idea is that a person who has never played soccer before should feel comfortable and be able to contribute to the team. The pace of the game is slower. Coaches emphasize a teaching environment where players can develop basic skills. Because stats and standings are not tracked, awards are based on development and fun. Every team makes the playoffs for a chance to win the Pub League Cup.

The “Premier” division may be a better fit if you are more experienced but are probably not playing full field. Even though it is a healthy environment of friendly competition, there is still an emphasis on development and fun. We do keep stats and standings in the Premier division. The Pub League Shield is awarded to the top performing team in the regular season. There are also playoffs for the division championship.

Just for Fun

If you have played in any of the other soccer leagues around Seattle (RATS, GSSL, Arena Sports), or have college or club experience, this league is probably not for you.  Our level of skill, physicality, and competitiveness is typically well below even the lowest divisions of other leagues.

ECS Pub League is a part of ECS FC, the nonprofit soccer club established by Emerald City Supporters. ECS FC fields more competitive men’s, women’s, and coed teams in other leagues in the Seattle area. We encourage you to check it out if that sounds like more your speed >>Learn more